Goodbye 2020 – Hello 2021!!!

Today I had a different sensation of paddling… without having a look at the heart rate , technique or other performance related metrics, I set my mind free and thought about 2020 as a paddling year.

Here’s my 2020 SUP Calendar in Pictures:

Paddling community

I felt so grateful for the support I received from various dealers / companies, the Corona TimeTrial Challenge organized by Chris Diver, the commitment of Rudy van Haven and other race directors who managed to get so many races organized as one could wish.

But that’s not all… many people have encountered that SUP is the perfect social distancing sport.

I experience this community as an incredibly well-connected, passionate collection of sports enthusiasts. There are so many nice people that I have met through this hobby and real friendships have formed.

To all interested parties and beginners out there, we look forward to getting to know you

If I can help anyone, whether on the water or online, get in touch!

Build your community, share the excitement, and stay passionate.

Things to come…

The European paddle manufactures Braca Sport and Jantex have some great paddles I’d like to introduce to you!

Speed comparisons will be made and I would also like to talk about differences in board design. Maybe it can help one or the other with the choice of equipment.

I’ll also present some gadgets I love to use for SUP.

Boards are not fast, the paddler makes the difference … technique and training are crucial, but the board should still fit the paddler. At this point I try to be of support with my reports and reviews.

Finally… I will post my final review of the Fanatic Strike and hopefully many more 😉

Happy new year

I wish you a happy new year 2021, lots of great paddling adventures, time for your loved ones and stay healthy!

Sincerely yours, David