Jantex Watch Holder

Todays smartwatches from Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Apple & Co do have great options to track your route, get all stats, do the navigation and you still can see what time it is!

Even the best smartwatches aren’t the best piece of gear when reading your current speed without latency, you can see if a certain paddling technique seem to work for you. If you want to keep a constant look at your heart rate, distance, pace, … maybe the new Jantex Watch Holder is the right gear for you.

Designed for kayaks, rowing boats, canoes and last but not least SUP the new version looks quite nice!

Will it float?

Although the watch holder sits tight on top your deck, you might place it at a spot where you could hit it and throw it in the water. I did try if it floats my Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire which is by no means a lightweight watch with its 93gramms.

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Jantex Watch Holder floating a 93g Smartwatch

Thanks to its design, a firm mounted watch can easily float, if it somehow comes off the board.

Nice piece of gear, visible due to its color, low cost, pleasing design and you have the possibility for customization.

Did I mention that Jantex doesn’t just make these accessories?

Jantex is a well known paddle manufacturer in the world of kayak and canoe sports. Their products are made in the EU, high quality and they even have a SUP Paddle – the Jantex Ypsilon

Soon I’ll do a review of this paddle, so stay tuned!